Latisse® for Eyelashes

Latisse® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, 0.03%) is a topical treatment for hypotrichosis—short and inadequate eyelashes. It is FDA-approved for application to the upper eyelashes to create longer, darker, and fuller looking lashes.

How do I use Latisse®? How Long will it take to grow eyelashes?

Latisse® is applied nightly to the upper eyelashes only. Lower eyelash treatment is not advised and the act of blinking can transfer some of the product to the lower lash line. Longer, fuller lashes that are greater in number will begin to take effect in 2 months. Latisse® takes full effect at approximately 4 months of nightly use. Once the full effect of Latisse® is reached, some patients may be able to maintain their lashes by using Latisse® less frequently (3-4 times per week).

Latisse® use for the Eyebrows

Although off-label, some patients may benefit from application to the eyebrow area, creating fuller, darker eyebrows with time.

Latisse Side Effects

The active ingredient in Latisse® is the same as that of some medications used to treat glaucoma of the eye. The concentration of bimatoprost found in Latisse® is much lower than that found in glaucoma medications used as eyedrops instilled into the eye. The FDA labeling of Latisse® warns of iris color pigmentation—the formation of brown spots on the iris of patients with blue or green eye color. However, no eye color change was observed in Latisse® clinical trials. This color change was found only as a side effect in the higher concentration eye drop formulation of bimatoprost used to treat glaucoma. The risk of eye color change is extremely low but nevertheless is remotely possible.

Treatment of short and few eyelashes with Latisse® is typically well-tolerated. The most common side effects related to Latisse® include eye irritation, itching, redness, and eyelid skin darkening or redness.

Cost of Latisse®

Latisse® is a prescription product that is dispensed through physician offices. Dr. Palm and her staff can provide tips on how to make each prescription of Latisse last longer, a cost savings to you. Bundled savings are sometimes offered on purchases of more than one box of Latisse®.